Design opinions requested. White barn theme.


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Folks, I am finally getting my own project done and now down to the real color and theme questions.  I have decided to move towards a white barn theme due to energy savings, and trying to maintain a country feel in this remote building.  


This will be an all steel siding pole barn, but I need some pop.  Walls will be white, roof will be a light shade of gray to mimic galvanized, and I am torn on doors!!!!  I like both the real wood med/dark stain look, and the slate/carbon gray wood look.  Obviously the lighter brown wood tones pop more, but those gray tones are growing on me.  


This will be a large commercial type building set into a real ag environment.  Building is several hundred feet from the road.  Just want something with a little "different"  I have decided that black hardware is the right answer here and just trying to hammer down the door color!!!


Opinions would be great.  I am just an engineer.  I don't have the design brain to make this call but I have to. 

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