How to change size of tile flooring?


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Ugh! So frustrated. I have chosen the terra cotta tile flooring in the library for a project. I need the tiles to be 1' X 1' instead of these smaller versions of that tile that show up. (I've been using CA  X11 for a year now. I usually figure stuff out by checking support or chieftalk or just going down these rabbit holes and trying everything under the sun. But then I don't remember how I went down that particular rabbit hole, so I can't duplicate it later.) But this, I just can't figure this out. As an interior designer, we choose all types of flooring that come in all sizes. So you would think if you choose a particular floor tile in the library that you could just change the size somewhere. 


Please, if anyone knows how to change the size of floor tile that is already in the library to a different size, I would be eternally grateful. I figured out how to change the angle, but not the size. 




Windows 10


Change tile size.jpg

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