Pole shed reno to living space 3 of 4, Interior walls foundation artifact


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Hi everyone

I am working on a plan of an existing shed pole structure,that is attached to an existing pole structure arena, that is to be renovated to living space.  As a pole structure, the shed has 6X6 rough cut poles 10' OC structurally length wise , and spaced 12', 10' & 12' width wise.  The overall shed size is 34' X 160', Part of this is an insulated and heated horse stall & tack area, 60'X34', a warming area 40'X34' , and an unheated shed area 60'X34'.  It is mostly the warming area that will be converted to living space, with another 10'X10' of the open shed to be used as a utility room.  As a pole structure, it has no foundation.  The poles also serve as piles, planted a min 5' into compacted fill.  

In a previous thread(1 of 4) I explained how the floor will be replaced with a modern structure.  In this thread, I want to talk about the interior walls.  The existing roof will be retained, with the 2X8 rafters and ceiling beams, supported on the existing posts.  Walls will follow the roof pitch.  There will be a vaulted shed ceiling throughout.
In a previous thread(2 of 4) I explained that I get a framing artifact at the intersection of the new interior walls with the existing exterior arena walls.


In this thread, I have another interior wall problem that I can't get rid of.  When I view the interior walls using the 'Orthographic Floor Overview' from the main menu, there appears to be an extra component to the wall layers, that is about a 4' high layer, throughout.  My guess is that this is come kind of foundation wall default, like a stub wall or pony wall, due to lack of conventional foundation.

Any ideas from our local experts?

Thank you.


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Shed 18 Renovation Rooms.plan

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