Room Divider tool resulting in framing exposed?

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I am attempting to create a loft in a pool house and am wondering why the floor keeps coming out with these exposed framing sections. Am I using the wrong tool for this? I created a second story, used a room divider then adjusted the opposite room to "Open Below". I also found that soffits, shelves and moldings dont cross over these places where the room dividers are and it has me puzzled. Is there a setting I have missed or am I going about creating this wrong?

loft issue.jpg

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Post your plan for best suggestions.


Several ways to do this. Here there is no 2nd floor. Room Divider on first floor to divide the space. Flooring added to the ceiling structure. 


Uncheck Use Room Ceiling Finish on ceiling planes. Change the auto generated attic wall to invisible.




Also works with a 2nd floor.





And showing a soffit crossing the boundary.



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