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Has anyone used the bosch laser tape measure with the chief architect? I am curious about which laser tape will integrate smoothest with the chief architect X11 software. Thanks in advance Doug Boitz.

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    • By MenuiserieCJV
      I saw people where using laser on job site for remodelling process and that we can integrate measurements directly on Chief Architec. I am using a MaxOS system and therefore it looks difficult to get the proper tool. Leica X3/X4 with their application disto transfert doesn't work with apple product. Other people have the same issue?
      Any solution ?
    • By ChiefArchitect
      Today we have released the latest update to Room Planner, version 4.3. This update affects both the full version and LE. 


      The update includes the following changes:




      - Fixed an issue that prevented the LG VK815 tablet from downloading content

      - Added support for Bluetooth laser measuring device connectivity on devices running Android 6 (Marshmallow) and Android 7 (Nougat).

      - Added support for Bosch GLM 50 C and GLM 100 C laser measuring devices

      - Improved Bluetooth UI and connectivity

      - Added 'Change Elevation' buttons in Sojourn™ mode

      - Various stability enhancements




      - Added support for Bosch GLM 50 C laser measuring devices

      - Improved Bluetooth UI and connectivity

      - Added 'Change Elevation' buttons in Sojourn™ mode

      - Various stability enhancements

    • By Ridge_Runner
      I don't want to open a Pandora's Box and the preference war between Apple vs. everyone else. However, my cell phone is in the process of dying and I have to replace it. In trying to think ahead, I am considering both the iPhone 6s Plus (5.5" screen) and the Galaxy S6 (5.7" screen).
      My primary concern is the practical use of Room Planner on a cell phone and interfacing with a Bluetooth laser, especially the E7100i that I just recently bought for this purpose. Will they communicate effectively?
      Second question is, will Room Planner functionally work on a cell phone for as-builts with its smaller screen? Is it a waste of time and should I go the tablet route (more money of course since I still have to upgrade my cell phone)?
      Any input would be appreciated. I posted this on the Room Planner forum also.
      Thanks, Mike
    • By Ridge_Runner
      Doing much more remodeling work for one of my builders than I ever have for some reason. I find I could really use a good laser tape measure. I have an old ultrasonic device, but it is outdated and not very accurate - useless really. I realize trying to get a "best" is probably like which is better: Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, BMW (maybe not!). That said, what are some of you remodeling guys using that works for you? Primary concerns are accuracy, backlit display, functional in bright sun if possible. Price range: under $200 bucks if possible.
      Thanks, Mike