How to make a Screen Grab of a Tile into a Tile Material in Chief. 

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How to make a 1/3rd Offset Tile Texture from a Screen grab.......




With Basic Tools found in Windows anyone can create a Texture in an Image Editor, for example Paint  using multiple copies of the "Tile" ( image above). You need to make the background Color your Grout color if you want to show it in Chief , and leave a narrow space between the copies of the Tile when you place them. Then Crop the multi-copied Image, so it will look good in Chief as it "tile's" ('cus the pun")  across a Wall. ie the texture will butt up to the last one as a "block" , so where they touch needs to make 1 full Tile in each row, continuously across the screen forever. You need 3 rows in this case since it is 1/3rd Offset Layout.  (I trimmed the original image above slightly due to rough edges 1st.)


  image.thumb.png.41d6aa47ce60a43a01de225223379826.png  image.thumb.png.5c498640674b39423f8cf28944146ed5.png


     Tile on the "Wall" with multiple copies of the Texture found Online..................................... then Crop it as needed......

                       ***note light gray background for "grout"                                                 and you have your texture for 3D cameras ready.


Now make a New Material ( right Click in your User Library>New>Material and assign the new texture , on the Texture Tab to it , then apply the Imported Pattern (more below) from the Library On the Pattern Tab.



For Vector Views you also need a new 1/3rd Offset Pattern, try the free Pattern Generator at CADHatch.com, you can download the free Excel file for use on your own computer, ( follow instructions carefully) , then you'll need to Import the .pat File into Chief ( File>Import>Patterns ) . I have found I normally need to reset the Scale factor when applying it to a Material as it seems AutoCAD scales these differently than Chief, by a factor of at least 10 usually, ie if Chief has Scale set at 1.0 try 0.1 (on the Pattern Tab of the Material in Chief )




Finished Wall




 My "Rough" Version Texture :





I used the Pattern Generator linked above to make the Pattern for Vector Views too, so here it is for download too along with a Full X11 "Material" to import into your Library.



12 x 24 1-3rd Offset.pat


Material for Library '''Import" as usual....


MHD_1-3rd 12 x124 Stacked Brown Tile.calibz 

              FOR X11 OR UP ONLY SORRY ,

  use Pattern and "Rough Image Texture" above to make your own material if needed for Other versions.


*** Note that this is a "rough" Example texture and is not necessarily perfectly 1/3 Offset etc , you'll need to spend more time on that if needed.





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Another Website for making Patterns I came across...........https://pattycake.io/


but here is a 6x30" Herringbone I made recently ....use File>Import>Pattern to bring it into Chief.

Use the Rotate Angle on the pattern Tab is you want diagonal Herringbone (45°)


6x30 Herringbone.pat


Feel free to add your Own to the thread for Others to download.

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Reserved for future Pattern additions

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