Chief Architect Designer and renderings for hire here in SW Florida

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Hello, my name is Doug, as I am a Chief Arch’l Cad Designer, looking to help other contractors, builders and Chief users with their residential projects, 3D models, plans, walkthroughs, photo realistic renderings in Chief Architect & Lumion softwares.

I have a well established portfolio of the houses that I’ve done, renders in lumion 

and other references as well.

I would love to discuss your next design project with you, and even do a free online meeting, for us to get better aquanted with your Project. My professional rates are reasonable, depending on the size of the project, and the scope of the work, but I normally take payment on PayPal, and block out prepayment, for lesser amounts of time, or discuss, working on larger projects on contract basis. Pls, reach out to me, so, that we can discuss things further?

Douglas Burgmann

Chief Architect Designer III

Accurate Asbuilts & Design

Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com

cell:     (970)987-4476 msg

Web:   http://www.dcbcaddesigns.com

FB: dcb1234






Tracewood C  tropical.jpg



Tracewood  front render sam vitone.jpg

Tracewood A Line_Rendering2.jpg

Tracewood Rendering - Sam.jpg

Interior Custom Kitchen 1D1 30 passes Photoshop - Copy.jpg











img003 - Copy.jpg

img001 - Copy.jpg

Sam's X9 & Lumion LBK Residence Rendering-1.jpg

Kaplan new_4 - Photo.jpg

Kaplan new_5 - Photo.jpg







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Contact info;

Douglas Burgmann

Accurate Asbuilts & Design

(970)987-4476 c/msg

email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com

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On 5/5/2020 at 2:49 PM, ChiefUserGNW said:

I am available to discuss your project with you now, as early as tomorrow morning, this being Monday (09-21-20). In the meantime, pls, forward to me whatever documentation you have now, that you think, might be helpful, in getting me up to speed with what you are trying to do here now. My going rate is $90 per hour, for all of my Chief Design time, this includes all revisions, changes made to the plans.

Pls, email me the PDFS, photos, and or the Chief files, that you have up to this point,

and I will take a look and review things for you, then, get back with you to discuss.


Douglas Burgmann 

Accurate Asbuilts & Design

(970)987-4476 cell/txt/msg

Email: douglasburgmann@gmail.com

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