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How do I get the gable roof planes to stop automatically adding these eave ridges or whatever they may be onto the planes?


See attached picture.....


Using Chief Architect X9

back elevation2.jpg

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Open the wall, see the Roof tab, Auto Roof Return

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8 minutes ago, solver said:

Open the wall, see the Roof tab, Auto Roof Return

Thank you very much!!

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      This dotted line (highlighted yellow) has been appearing on a few projects that I am working on. I can't seem to get rid of it or even click it! Not sure if it is part of the roof but it is not the depth of the eave so really not sure what it is showing! It seems to follow the roof line but not always...your help would be much appreciated!

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      First off, thanks to the contributors on this site.  After some diligent forum searching I managed to solve the majority of my dormer issues. 
      However, I'm still having an issue with getting the roof planes on the gable side to join properly.  I've recreated my issue in simplified plan attached.  As shown, the dormer roof planes extend to the edges of the primary roof planes and I thought I should be able to just use a join function to merge a dormer plane to its corresponding primary plan, but whenever I do I get the "Cannot move these roof edges without making adjacent edges cross one another or making one of them zero length" warning.  These dormers happen to be symmetric so I can successfully join the two dormer planes at the ridge line, but it creates some strange overlap artifacts as shown in the picture.
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