Second ceiling plane above the roof


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I am working on As-Built recreation of a house, built in California, in a period of 1960-1980 (with several remodels and additions). The framing was done somewhat differently than it is usually in the other parts of the States, and the existing Plan Set is hand-drafted and equipped with very few dimensions.

Most of the dimensions are site-verified, and I made some progress making a plan file, but the Chief doesn't seem to like the way this house was built.


At this moment I encountered a problem that  I never had before (using Chief on a daily basis since X6):


After I added the roofs, this strange white belt appeared around the entire lower part of the house. I painted part of this in red, so I can identify what is it - looked like some strange belly-band, but piercing through the roof plane.

-After  I painted it red, it appeared to be a second ceiling plane - probably some kind of the second floor, that  I can't access by DBX of any room. By the way, the room DBX shows the normal height of 97-1/8", and nothing above. No second floor.


Also, at the perspective view, you can notice a gap in the exterior wall, where this ceiling plane ends.


By the way, I can modify the platform option, because I need it to show properly first-floor floor joist - I already tried that.


Whatever I do, I can't get rid of this plane.


Any kind of help will be appreciated and welcome since I tried every trick from my bag...







MacBain Av - AS BUILT.plan

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Eric, you are genius. I can't thank you enough.


After I deliver this job, I will have to return to the file and figure out how that happened, but at this moment  Iam just extremely happy that you found the solution.

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