How to simply make a textured hedge?


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Hope someone can help?

At the moment I am using 3D shrubs and copying and pasting hundreds of times to make the effect of a textured hedge.

I am sure there must a button im missing to simplify the process?

I did try to create a cube and color with the image of a plant but overall it looked very amateurish.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

NB Im using X11. 

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Make a spline in the plan view representing approximately the coverage of your hedge.  Then convert it to a "polyline distribution path" (look in help) then add whatever foliage you want.using the dialogs under that command.


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Good idea to add your signature to you settings - see mine below.  Go to upper right, tap on your name, go to settings, then account settings, then signature and add your info.  Helpful in the future so folks know what you are using.  Good luck and welcome.

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