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I am only on my first week of using chief, so this may be obvious to some. After building a 48" loft over a first floor, there is a gap in the floor and the siding as shown in the 3D perspective and section. I've checked the floor and wall types in all rooms and have even moved the wall around. For some reason, it cuts off the floor at a certain point in the room above. Thank you for your time and help.

gap in siding.PNG

gap in siding section.PNG

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Thank you for your reply Eric,


I have modified my signature as you have suggested. In the graphic below, I am looking for the siding from region 1 to continue to wrap around the base of the floor in regions 2 and 3, which I cannot find the reason for the gap. I will be adding the roof last, so it is not of concern right now.

gap in siding 2.PNG

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