Off angle walls A LOT easier (when you have a bunch)


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I had a client that requested a bowed rear porch which needed to be broken up into straight segments to build (in real life).

Rather than doing tons of math, I took the bays they wanted to segment, and connected them with an arc.   (the porch rail had to meet at 2- specific points to not have the rail hit windows.


I then copied the basic cad multigon bays and the arc to a new plan using copy>paste in place.

Then it was diving up the arc into segments using auto center tools  (only took about 2 min).

The next step is a new one for me.   Normally I would copy the cad back to my original plan and try to figure out desired wall angles, enter the off angles in manually, and trace my CAD.   The problem was there are too many off angles.


I did it a MUCH easier way.   I copied all the cad and pasted in place and then used concentric resize to drag the lines inward a small amount.   This gave me parallel lines.   I then used CAD to WALLs function.   Even though my walls were not exactly 2x4 it just created a new wall type.   I then selected the newly created walls and changed them to the type I needed.


Then it was just simple copy from one plan and paste in place on the original.  This worked for both levels of the house.  

This was sooooo much easier than ways I have done in the past.  Just a simple concentric resize of a copy>paste in place CAD line made for a perfect CAD to Walls function.


I just ignored all the off angle walls in the plan and I am good to go!


I also used the to "auto frame" the roof planes which I brought over as well and adjusted where the intersections were.  Super easy!

Been using Chief for almost 20 years and still finding new ways to do stuff.






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