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We are a modular company, and we are looking to make Chief our primary software. We draw the plans in-house and then send them to an engineer to draw the structural pages, call out fastening, and stamp them. We are modular; however, we are somewhat custom and ship all over the country. Therefore, each plan set needs to be engineered. If you know of any engineers that work with Chief and are licensed throughout the country, we would love to chat! 


Thank you!

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    • By SpeleoWorm
      I am a new CA Premier X12 user and would like someone to review my plan & layout files for a new construction residential duplex that will be located in Bethlehem, CT (see rough draft).  I am looking for feedback regarding my use of Chief Architect as well as any architectural, structural/engineering and/or building feedback such as:
      changes to make the CA plan more efficient, reusable, maintainable, etc. changes needed to meet code requirements changes that can save money or be more cost effective to build changes that might be more aesthetically pleasing to a buyer changes that will make the plans clearer/easier to read/understand for the builder, lumber yard and/or building inspector feedback on material choices (zip system or Tyvek, roof trusses or not, floor trusses or I joists, batts or foam insulation, vinyl/wood/hardie siding, etc.) any wisdom that might help me avoid long delays, bad contractor experiences, problems with the town/state/health dept., etc.  
      I don't expect you to be an expert in all 4 areas (CA, architecture, engineering & building), so if you are only able to help with one of those areas I would still be happy to consider you for just the piece that you have experience with.  If you are interested please send me a personal message with information on how you would be able to help and what your rates are.
    • By Condor0811
      We have been a design-build contractor for over 40 years. Our engineer of 25 years is retiring and we are seeking a replacement. Normally, we create our own structural drawings and submit them to our engineer for corrections and calculations. We would like to interview individuals who have an interest in collaborating in this fashion. Please email
    • By farleyba
      I'm designing a single family residence and detached mother-in-law's apartment.  I have some construction experience and am pretty comfortable with Home Designer Pro, but I still have a lot to learn.  I'm looking for someone familiar with Home Designer who also has the architectural or engineering expertise to help me finalize the design and produce the construction documents.  This includes placement of the beams, trusses, and so on to meet code and ensure that the house is well constructed.  
      Are there any experienced Home Designers near Durham, NC who could give me a hand with this?  
    • By JPBDesign
      I am looking for Structural Engineer in Palm Beach County, Florida who can review and/or modify my residential house plans. I would like someone that is using and can use Chief.  I have the plan fairly complete, but I need a structural engineering to stamp and approve in order to go to the county.   If anyone can help, or recommend someone, I would greatly appreciate it.  I have the layout pages available as a pdf for a quote. Thank you!
    • By ferchl
      I'm renovating a very small (<700 sq ft) one story, single family home in Pleasantville, NY. I have drawings done in CA, but the building department requires drawings signed and stamped by a licensed architect or engineer. All of the local people I have found so far want to do new drawings from scratch using AutoCAD. I would really like to find someone who can work with the drawings I already have in CA format. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you.