Stair Railing that does not interact with walls?


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Is there a way to create custom stair railing that does not interact with walls?

I hate that the "railing tool" is just a wall toggle. If I have a railing follow stairs, then the railing is broken apart if

there is a wall under the stairs. 


Also, if you have a break-line in your stairs the railing will not stop at the break-line. I thing this looks terrible

with the stairs above dashed but the railing is solid lines. I guess I could hide the railing layer and create a new

layer for the railing lines to show how I want.


Maybe X11 can have rails as a separate tool that has nothing to do with the wall tool.

And maybe railings could be associated or linked to a stair run so they can move with the stairs

and show correctly with break-lines.


If anyone has any work-arounds I would love to hear them.

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