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  Attached is a CAD design, it has a panel, molding and a hole. I had created one object(in the left) using polylines and reflected about at the other end. In the other end(right hand side), I am not able to chose/select molding. When ever I am clicking on the molding it selects the total panel. 

This has happened earlier as well if I have 3 objects, I am not able to select the desired object. Please advise, if I am missing anything here.



CAD Polylines.png

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On 28/08/2018 at 7:52 PM, solver said:

Your molding is backwards -- check or uncheck Extrude Inside Polyline.

Hi Eric,

  Yes, Molding is backwards, I am not able to pick the molding to open the object info. I tried clicking on next option, but still not able to highlight the molding. 

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