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  1. Hi Eric, Yes, Molding is backwards, I am not able to pick the molding to open the object info. I tried clicking on next option, but still not able to highlight the molding.
  2. Hi, Attached is a CAD design, it has a panel, molding and a hole. I had created one object(in the left) using polylines and reflected about at the other end. In the other end(right hand side), I am not able to chose/select molding. When ever I am clicking on the molding it selects the total panel. This has happened earlier as well if I have 3 objects, I am not able to select the desired object. Please advise, if I am missing anything here. Thanks
  3. Hi, I wanted more details to be displayed in my materials list. There are few columns which I can enable for display by going to Material display options list, but I wanted few more additional columns. For example, I have a door in my materials list. I wanted Door style, Door Type, hardware columns to be displayed for doors in my materials list. I can add these as custom fields and update the data but it is redundant work as I am already maintaining this data for that object. Is there a way where I can pull these details directly into my materials list. Thanks
  4. Hi, Can we maintain material prices based on the variant? For Ex: If there is an Air conditioner, we have multiple variants Power Saving: 3 Star, 4 start and 5 Star Capacity: 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton and so on. Is that possible for us to maintain pa base price and the cost increases with the selection of each variant (Such as 1 ton and 3 star) When I enter the price, System is automatically taking price unit as Dollar. Can we change this and keep other price unit as default? Thanks
  5. Thanks Shane. I have selected only materials earlier, I see one more option for Interior Trim. When I check that, I am getting the missing components. Thank you.
  6. Hi, When I had downloaded materials list, I see some components are missing. For Instance, in the example below, I had taken the materials list for all the doors in that floor. But if I go to the object(Door) and check the components I see Interior Trim(T1 &T2) not appearing in the materials list. Thanks, Siva
  7. Hi All, I am new to Chief. I am following the webinars in understanding the tool and designing the same as it is shown in webinar. IN the webinar the wall dimensions are set as 17'5", but when I do the same in my application(X10) it is showing too big wall dimensions which cannot fit into the design.Is there anything am I missing, plz suggest.