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    • By Paul61
      Have done some experimenting but it is unclear to me what the intensity setting is doing with rope lights and its interaction with light spacing.  Is the setting lumens per light, per foot, or for the  entire rope?
    • By ChristinoDesign
      We're trying to figure out how to change the angle of pendent lights on vaulted ceilings. When we create the ceiling angle, the lights follow and aren't angled properly. How do we change the lights so they go vertical rather than at a tilt?
    • By Alisa_Dorado
      Is there an easy way to insert undercabinet lighting?
    • By rlackore
      I became tired of positioning loads of lights to simulate LED tape light strips, so I created this symbol: LED Tape Light.calibz
      The symbol is only 24" long - you need to use a row of several symbols to produce varying lengths. There are 96 lights per symbol at 5 lumens per light, for a total output of 240 lumens/foot. You can easily produce half the output (120 lumens/foot) by simply turning off every-other light. Adjusting the per-light lumen output is straight-forward but exceptionally tedious because the changes can't be made in the Adjust Lights dbx, you must modify each individual light (all 96 of them) within the symbol dbx. The symbols display reasonably well in both raytrace and physically based:
      Raytrace, 240 lumens (48 lights) / foot

      Raytrace, 120 lumens (24 lights) / foot

      Physically based, 240 lumens (48 lights) / foot

      Physcially based, 120 lumens (24 lights) / foot

    • By Nick79
      Hi Everyone, 
      I'm new to Chief Architect and I was wondering if there were any symbols in the library (2D or 3D) that represents a 2'x4' recessed light fixture.  For a suspended ceiling in an office building.   I haven't been able to find anything close to that.  Thanks in advance for the assistance!