Roof and ceiling issues.

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Roof will not complet over 2 story great room,  part of kitchen and part of entry roof. 

above dining room there is a drop down ceilng part of clg. cannot get it removed.

Also above entry there is a drop down that will not remove. dining will not let me show 10' clg?

All first floor 10' celings and open 2 story at great room. 9'; ceilings 2nd floor.


Would appreciat any help. Need to get to client tomorrow before they go out of town home 3 hours away.

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This wall is marked No Room Def and Attic. Uncheck those and set the room to Open Below.


The kitchen and pantry need Roof Over This Room Checked.


Not sure what the entry/stair ceiling should look like.


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Thanks fo rthe help solver. the wall is marekd no room def. and attic. I could not find where to uncheck them?

I just went on and drawn the 2nd story roof manully. 


1. I still need ceiling issues resolved as you can see in the attached pictures. 

2. I still need to have open area of Great room to say open below. It will not open 2nd story area to say open below!


diining ceiling. needs all flat.jpg

kitchen ceiliing at exterior wall needs fixed.jpg

Foyer .stair area ceiling needs fixed..jpg


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