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Hi everyone,


I've been teaching myself 3DS Max for the last few weeks... It's been going ok and thankfully I know AutoCAD quite well so it's not been to steep a learning curve so far.... what I want to know is if anyone here uses Chief & 3DS Max?  


Basically I want to do the general plan in Chief then export it over to 3DS Max to complete the interior, lighting textures and materials, then render it in V-ray (is there anyone on here who does this or has done this) when I've tried the plan seems to import fine but the scales don't match and I don't understand why? everything looks to scale but when I measure things they are nothing like what they should be?


If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be great?


I've attached the two examples below....


Thank you,







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Not sure what is going on with your scale, what format did you use? My tests so far has shown dwg as a suitable route although I wish Chief would support FBX. The Sketchup/Collada route did not work and 3ds created issues. 

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That's a great help thank you! Initially in the example above I converted the Chief File to 3DS then importing it into 3ds Max.  I've just tried your method of converting it to .DWG and all scales are correct so thank you for that, however when I ''convert to an editable poly'' I don't see the option to then extrude the walls up to the desired hight (they're just flat) is there a way to do this or will I have to just trace over the plan?   I'm not familiar with FBX, i've heard it mentioned a few times on these forums but don't really know what it is? 

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