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is anyone aware of a specific catalog, free or otherwise, that contains single, rectangular wall-mounted flood lights?  the default catalog contains two variations of floodlights but they both have a round profile and it won't meet the needs of my presentation.



outdoor light.JPG

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Hi There,


You can find one in the Bonus Catalog - Lighting No. 05 Deck and Path.



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Can you tell me if it can be placed on a wall and not just a floor surface?  I found the catalog, and it's 3.99 USD, which is fine with me if that's the case.



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It can be, but might look funny, as it tilts up.  It looks like it is meant to be installed in the ground.  Sorry about that.  I found a free one in Sketchup's 3D warehouse.  I've attached here.  You can import it into Chief, size it to your liking, and change the color as well.

If you want it to light up, you can add a light source to it.



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1 hour ago, solver said:

"Please take a minute to fill out your signature


This info helps others help you.

Your version of Chief (X9, X10) (Premier, Interiors) is the important info."


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