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Are you struggling with Chief, or need help with your plans?  I am here to assist you:-)  


  • Online Training 
  • Construction back ground over 25 years.
  • Field experience, sub division development.
  • I design and built custom homes from the ground up.
  • Additions, Remodels, New Construction
  • Master with roof designs.
  • Kitchens, Baths, Decks, Garages
  • Design Experience with Chief for over 8 years.
  • My work has been aired on TV with lifestyles.
  • References available upon request.


The homes in the picture listed below were just a few custom homes I designed with Chief Architect and built.  Also, one of my award-winning homes was featured and published on the box cover Chief Architect 9.0. 


Note: Current Version X9 & X10. 

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.



Annette Sokoll

Senior Designer

User Group Instructor-Trainer

Chief Architect

Atlanta, Michigan


Annette Sokoll, Chief Architect.jpg5afa7b18ed3b4_ClassicDesigns.thumb.jpg.3fb6b2b5a23065ce469b2eaf5242ab6e.jpg



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      My name is Douglas, of Accurate Asbuilts, I reside here in SW Florida and am available to you, to discuss your drafting
      and design needs on your residential projects. I bill hourly, as this is how I like to do most
      of my jobs, anything, larger than 2,500 sq ft., we can discuss going on a flat fee and a signed agreement.
      Pls, feel free to contact me directly, for a bid on your project. My rates depend, on the size of the project, amount of detail needed, and the amount of time involved to complete it. I am happy, to review your project, and get back with you, with a hourly quote, or discuss the project in more depth, and come to agreeable terms. Pls, reach out to me at the number, text, or email below.
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      Hello, I'm a DIY kind of guy, I have used the software in the past for small remodel plan approvals, but this is a much larger project and would like some professional help.  The current home is of a Mansard style roof.  we would like to change to a more Craftsmen/farmhouse style.  The house is currently L shaped our thought are of filling in the L with an addition and vaulting the celling over the current living room.  The homes address is 9353 Pachy Road, Carp Lake Mi 49718. Please contact me if you are interested and I will be happy to provide additional details of what we are looking for.
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      I cant for the life of me get the two inside mitered 45 corners to connect the stairs together, or get the small section by the wall to even draw the stairs.  I also cant get the direction of the grain on the deck boards to run the right way.  I tried copy the material and rotate it, but no luck.  The stairs are just pissing me off at this point.  Also why are the treads showing up as a single tread and not 2 deck boards.

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      My name is Jonathan Fales and I have been drawing plans and pulling permits all over the California Bay Area for over a decade now. A tremendous amount of my work is done through Via Builders Inc out of Los Altos, CA . Most everything you see on that website had me as the lead draftsman. I have answered comments and argued points with every municipality around. On the side I operate JDFales Plans & Permits where I currently have projects all over the state and even a few out of state jobs from time to time. Aside from traditional residential plans and permits I've traced PDFs, Made 3D models, added notations to already created name it. I can do it. My background before drawing was construction of course. I've been a laborer, carpenter, project manager and now Draftsman. If you need to make sense out of construction jargon from a contractor or technical talk from the city/ county...I'm your translator. Email Me-
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