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I need someone to take what I have and finish out the construction drawings. 

We just finalized our plans with our builder last night, and now we need to complete the construction set to submit to the city for permit.  We are building in Broadview Heights, Ohio. 

It can take up to 30 days for the city to approve, so I would like to have these drawings done ASAP so that we can break ground by the end of June. 


Attached is the plan file and layout file I've got. I made both, so if you have questions or if any resources are missing or whatever, I should be able to help. The layout file included is the preliminary drawing set I provided to the builder for contract & pricing and the bank for appraisal and loan closing.  I'm a mechanical engineer, so I'm a little outside my depth in determining how much more I need to add to this in order to submit to the city. Additionally, my role at work recently changed leaving me with a shortage of free time to really dabble in the layout.  I'm just looking for someone to take what I have and push it the last few yards over the finish line. 


Deliverables expected are a CA plan and layout file.

I do not need PDFs or prints (we can handle that).

The files are to be unlocked and compatible with CA X9 or X10 so that I can make changes myself if needed. 

You can use as much or as little of my layout file as you wish. 


Excluded from the scope are mechanical, electrical, and site plan - the builder is supplying those. 

I don't need renderings either, however, I'm open to additional views or screenshots wherever needed.  More detail = less chance for misinterpretation!


Please respond with your quote to s.soeder@gmail.com or reply to this thread. 





PS> we are building using the Swedish platform framing system, so any questions on the framing plans or wall details or whatever, please clarify with me.  Thanks again!



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