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Modeling New Residencce

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I have a new house in Santa Cruz, CA. I need modeled in X6 . I have good PDF pencil drawing. See attached. If interested please give me a bid on this work. Please don't contact me selling services other than this specific bid.  What I want is site plan - lot drops 9" from street to rear- , floor plan- no annotation , elevations - need 3"  1/2 round stucco foam modeled per elevations. That is a no frills model, no fnd plan no framing no schedules no annotation etc..I do want to see interior dimensions, from face of stud to face of stud in both X & Y all rooms . I will send to layout. 

I will supply X6  file with all anno sets, layers,  defaults and preferences set.


[] site per owners drawing -again drops 9" west to east,  , show owner design elements in 3-d - planter boxes, pavers etc. 

[] foundation = 8" stem wall, 3x6 mud sill,  24" grade to bottom of joist ( no fnd plan in your bid ) no need to model any piers- cntr support

[] flr jst = 11 7/8 tji sub flr = 3/4" t&g ply

[] walls 2x6 , ceiling ht = 108 but will balloon frame to top of parapet at 15', we will need to talk about how to model this. I am thinking the room ht is 15' and we drop the roof plane into it, good idea or not?

[] window to btm of header = 96" 

[] roof 3/12 , no framing just model roof planes

[] rear exit has a flat over hang w/ no support is ok

[] move water tanks outside are shown in garage

[] place kitchen and bath cabinets and appliances

[] we will need to go over window sizes


This work needs to be complete by 8-18-2014 absolutely. Please give me cost not hourly rate. And for my peace of mind three references too. Please email with questions .


My Best Regards, 

Chad Williams

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