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In this video, we use the Spline Topo Tool to create a topographical 3D model for the study of the Site

It's not so bad it's Easy Peasy.

just remember that the spline line must go past the edge of the Terrain Perimeter.

Check your Spline lines for connection and calling out of the right height that you want to be indicated.


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    • By ericepv
      I am having trouble with importing a DWG topo map. I watched Chief's video 1056 (Import a Surveyor DWG file for a Site Plan or Terrain Perimeter) and I followed the instructions for joining all of the perimeter polylines but I still cannot get the entire set to highlight so that I can convert it to a Terrain Perimeter as shown. I have also tried creating my own Perimeter by tracing over the lines in the imported DWG and then placing the imported elevation lines on top of it - no go.

      I noticed that when I imported the DWG, I got (2) sets, a large one with no elevation lines and a much smaller set (off to the lower left) which does have the elevation lines. The layers of most relevance are:

      -   4 (elevation lines)
      -   8 (elevation labels)
      - 17 (Perimeter)
      Can anyone can figure out what I'm missing?

      4000 WOKING-Topo.dwg