easy beadboard wainscoting creation


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To install beadboard in a bathroom, I specified a baseboard moulding and a chair rail then used custom backsplash along all of the walls, set to white beadboard.  Custom backsplash automatically avoided the windows and outlets, etc.  Thought I'd share this in case someone else is struggling with this as I did for a while. 




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    • By kal152
      I just figured out that if you go under room specifications and search a molding using the word ​,bead  BBM36,BBM48,BBM96 comes up from the Durasupreme catalog. You can use this to place beadboard up the wall at whatever height you want around the room. This looks great compared to using beadboard as a texture. But for some reason the is bead molding will not show on the wall where the door is. I tried deleting the door and it still does not show up. Attached is a picture showing where it will not display, the base and chair rail still displays. Then I attached a picture where I have added 2 polyline solids with a beadboard texture to fill in the space. Has anyone come across this issue or may have an idea how to fix it.