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    • By Ridge_Runner
      I have struggled with this problem for some time. When I send views to Layout, I will sometimes have a difficult time "picking" a line to edit (see attached view). By hit-and-miss I am able to select it off to the left from where it shows in the view. I could never determine why or what causes it to happen until today. I have sent countless views back to layout just so I could edit them - sometimes! By chance, I discovered today, while working on a cabinet sheet of views, the problem started again. I re-sent a view, could edit the lines in place by picking them where they showed in the view. After some edits, I could not select the lines as before; they had to be selected to the left of shown. I did a mental backtrack of what I had done just before this occurred. The only thing I had done different between the functioning view and the non-functioning view was to move the view label. I like to move the labels close to the view they tag to prevent possible errors in labeling. Sure enough, if I moved the label I could no longer pick a line as normal. If I didn't move the label, I could pick the lines as normal. Would someone please try this on one of your layout sheets to see if this happens on your system? I don't think it would be a setting but I don't have a clue why it would happen. BTW, I mostly move my labels to the left if that has any bearing.
      Thanks, Mike

    • By 1q2w3e
      I'm trying to figure out a way to customize the macro label on the Layout page. Right now, CA default for  the box scale macro reads as "1/4 in = 1 ft". See attached.
      What I'd like to have is for that to be displayed in capital letters' as is all of my text on my plans. I.E. "1/4 IN = 1 FT",  or , even better, 1/4" = 1'-0".
       Most of the videos I've seen relate to plans and not layout pages, and couldn't find anything in the forums.
      Can anyone point me in a direction here or help me with this? 
    • By gaganailawadi
      Creating Atmosphere, Haze, Mist, Rays, Sun Flare in Architectural Renderings Photoshop Tutorial
    • By stager386
      When I create a double hung window, I want to have the upper sash with 6 lights and the lower sash with 9 lites. But it won't allow me to do this. Thoughts? Thanks!
    • By emilymorgaaann
      I downloaded a set of objects from 3D warehouse but they are all in one block, I was wondering if it was possible to sperate them some how!