Front Roof hip issue


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I would appreciate any help in correcting the 12 ft hip roof tieing into a 10 ft ceiling roof. 5:12 pitch. I have been trying to correct it for hours. 

If anyone can Help I would appreciate it. Trying to get const. drawings finished. Need to get back on it in the morning.


Newell Cheatheam

X10, Windows 10.

roof issue.jpg

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      This home needs on front garage Gable 3:12 pitch lower and 8:12 pitch higer (48 inches in from plate) I can not get it to
      work with 2 pitches. Would appreciate help.

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      I am making an as-built model of my home to use as the basis for trying out some exterior design changes on the back of my house (patio, etc.).  My house has an uncommon rear elevation and roof plane on the back of the house and I'm having trouble duplicating it in Home Designer Suite 2019.  I've built the exterior walls and I'm looking for someone who can modify the design to match the current structure. I've spent about as much time as I'd like trying to figure it out and at this point, I'd like someone else to create the correct roof and send the file back to me so I can play around with different patio designs.  I'm am not concerned about or planning to change the interior walls.  I've attached a picture of the existing structure and a copy of my plan.  Please take a look and let me know if you can help.
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      Anyone else have this issue when connecting roof planes with different pitches?  I've tried everything I know from changing facia top height, adjusting the frieze, re-drawing the roof planes etc...I have a 4/12 roof pitch adjoining to an 8/12.  This roof was drawn manually!  Any insight would be most helpful!! Thanks!  Sandi   

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      I have attached the google map images of front and back and the drawing file. I am almost at the point of just sending these problems out and paying someone for it.
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