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Wow first of all let me say I'm not sure what experience others are having but X10 is so much faster on my laptop than X8 was and haven't used many of the new tools yet I'm very happy to see it working as I always hoped it had. Well done Chief !


Now  with the garage doors on the pony wall  is there a way to get the stone lower wall to continue  over to the door and stop the casing at the wall cap?  I think in older version x8 I had to do pony wall cap etc manually but since pony wall is much more integrated and easy to use I cant see a way to achieve this.


Thanks for any info


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    • By EmmaCox
      I am working on a project with a split entry. I have created a pony wall for the basement foundation / framed wall above. The framed wall has stone veneer on it and I would like to have a masonry ledge / cap on it. Looking at other tutorials it looks like there should be a “wall cap” section in the wall specifications, but mine seems to missing. See attached screenshots. Not sure if it is because I am using version X9?
      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!  

    • By nVisionTEKBIM
      Hi everyone, I'm a new CA user here learning the software.
      Does anyone know how to exclude the exterior window/door casing at the lower stone veneer pony wall? I can't find anything in any of the tutorials or on here.
      I'd like the casing to stop at the stone water table, and have the stone veneer stop at the window jamb, and there be a stone window sill. I assume this is a simple fix that I just can't figure out.

    • By HeartwoodRes
      Hey ChiefTalk, how's everyone doing?
      I'm trying to make a 7' tall frameless shower with a partial ponywall on one side and a curb under the rest, as shown in the attached picture.

      I've successfully created what I want with two different methods:
      1. Creating glass slab half walls at my desired height, then using soffits to create the ponywall and curb under the glass wall
      2. Using a pony wall, where the bottom half is the 6" tall curb and the top half is my 7' tall glass wall
      However, anytime I try to paint a new material onto the soffits (the correct tile finish), the glass wall cuts off half of the soffit, both on the curb and the ponywall (shown in second picture).

      Why would the material painter screw up my soffits? It’s not changing anything structurally, just the appearance of the soffits (Right?). I've been instructed both by the reference manual and other users on this forum to use soffits to create simplistic surfaces like this shower curb, so I'm a bit vexed.
      p.s. While we’re at it, if anyone has a suggestion for a better way to create a frameless glass shower like this, I’m all ears. This is simply the way that I figured out how to do it myself.
    • By brianhf
      Using a pony wall, with upper wall siding, lower wall brick (rock), foundation brick ledge will not build correctly.  If I change the wall to a full siding wall, foundation builds right.
      Also, pulling the foundation wall out to edge of brick doesn't work correctly either.
      Thanks, Brian

      Ratilal plan 1b.plan
    • By SEALDesign
      Can anybody tell me how to install a pony wall ?