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Edit Area tool and Make Parallel tool

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I'm having an issue in X10 using the Edit Area (All Floors) tool to rotate my site plan to a know reference line using the Make Parallel tool.  I select the terrain perimeter (on the line segment I wish to align with the reference line), then select Edit Area (All Floors).  I then select the Make Parallel tool, set to rotate the entire polyline, and select my reference line.  Everything rotates, but a line segment of the terrain that I did not select gets the perpendicular treatment.


I know I've done this before, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what user error is involved.


See attached. (Notes in plan)


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I get the same as you.


You can use Transform/Replicate to rotate the object.



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Thanks, Eric!  I ended up drawing a rectangle around the entire shebang and aligning the top edge with the terrain perimeter line I wanted to align originally.  Select rectangle on the line>Edit Area>Worked like a champ.  Not sure why this didn't work using the terrain perimeter.

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