Struggling with parapet gable walls

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I'm getting beat-up by Chief pretty good this weekend.  I've been fighting with these parapet gables since Friday, figured I would get it sorted over the weekend but I'm having lots of trouble and figure it's time to ask for help


I got the rough form down, but trying to iron it all out is killing me.  Whenever I make an adjustment or move a wall, other unrelated walls move and change shape. 


I'm also not sure how to get the lower floor walls to do what I want, which is to have a 2" brick return (photoshopped image attached). 


I've attached the plan, and would greatly appreciate any advice here.  I'm willing to change tactics if anyone has a better way of making these.  


The process I followed to create the parapets was 1) move roof up in Z 2) change attic walls to regular walls and modify an edge to get it to retain changes 3) move roof back down 4) drag roof planes back and snap to the inside edges of walls. 



Parapet Q1.PNG

Parapet 4.PNG

Parapet 3.PNG

Parapet 2.PNG

Parapet 1.PNG


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Any images of the actual house?


11 minutes ago, CBRF23 said:

which is to have a 2" brick return


You want the end walls to extend 2" proud of the siding walls?



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I use a ceiling plane to define the top of the parapet. And I added a solid to extend the wall proud.



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2 hours ago, solver said:

Any images of the actual house?



You want the end walls to extend 2" proud of the siding walls?



I'm going for something like the attached image. 


Would you be able to post back the plan you fixed up?  I'd like to take a look at how you did the ceiling plan. 





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Here is a simpler plan. Used a short wall to extend the brick wall. Note it's reversed so chief thinks it is a different wall type and will not merge them.


Ceiling planes draw just like roof planes. Come in at the same angle etc.


Easy to make look good in standard render, extra lines in vector, but not bad with the brick.


pg 1.zip

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Solver, I opened up your plan, and that wall return is perfect. Eactly what I was going for, I'll have to incorporate your technique into my plan. 


Did you happen to notice any issues with the gable wall resolving improperly? 

When I opened your file I noticed the wall was improperly "skewed" on one side.  That is one of the things that's been happening to me and it's driving me insane - I get the wall set the way I like it (making sure to drag one of the corners so it doesn't reshape with the roof) and then after I change something else (i.e wall on other side of roof) it seems to reshape itself just like yours did, giving me an unevenly distributed parapet. 


Check the attached screenshot, let me know if you've seen this on your end or not. 



PG1 Parapet.PNG

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I left the right side "raw". Select the attic wall and drag it down to just below the ceiling plane.

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