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I work in Chief Architect X10 drafting support at an reasonable hourly rate, or by the job at a sq ftg price for bigger jobs.

I have well over (10) years of Chief and architectural design experience.
Samples of my work are on my website,
or on Facebook at dcb1234.


Please feel free to IM me, or better yet, give me a call, to see how we can

illuminate your next project for you. I am on Eastern Time zone here in SW Florida.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Douglas Burgmann
Accurate As-builts & Design
(970)987-4476 cell

FB: dcb1234

 5a2814aead297_First_Floor_Interior_StairFrontEntry.thumb.jpg.f6f096f6b27a27ea8ac0f3bcc27627a4.jpg5a2814ac83491_ExteriorFrontPerpectiveRendering-1.thumb.jpg.b298b3e23c45b4f737404393c9209f54.jpgIMG_0317.thumb.JPG.641a4f88df70241be9c81ef0cd129a16.JPG599c75b5b6474_Frye_Kitchen_RemodelRendering-1.thumb.jpg.c99d4cfdc0517c252b406e06b4ea9d1c.jpgkamisetty.thumb.jpg.3ae908d24f2cbe3572f0ae43f8096af0.jpgDCB Designs_Resume-(08-10-17) - FL.docxCity Reference Letter Burgmann.pdfBath-Shower.thumb.jpg.e4152ad491f3546b8e5076309d434ec4.jpg591d623789b18_InteriorBathroomBonbriseRayTrace-1A.thumb.jpg.eb5a75f89272aa1ad5cc68d64657b702.jpg591d6238c9edf_InteriorBathroomBonbrise-1B.thumb.jpg.abb450fde8170bcea876c8759595389b.jpgPattillo Recomendation Letter0001.pdfDCB Designs_Resume-(12-12-16) - FL.docx585bce1d5c44e_FrontPerspective-(07-13-16ARaytrace).thumb.jpg.34bc86f239dbc38dfebb226710565ff0.jpg585bce1c77659_5901W50thfloorplan-(mainfloor-(7b))-final2.thumb.jpg.ff96ac86e98c59c356cbd2a43ddd92d2.jpg585000047e3b1_FrontPerspective-(07-13-16A).thumb.jpg.a369bd39cf1aab4ea61e3b74916d2e40.jpgScreenShot001.thumb.jpg.37ed4d3f41a7a63fa43f620b9a1bc867.jpg22190-3.thumb.jpg.515f6a34a84a52b8b71869dc43744eb2.jpg

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Here are some sample renderings from one of my latest projects, done down here in SW Florida.

Feel free to give me a call so that we can discuss your project. Look forwards to hearing from you.

Built in whiter ceiling.jpg

Grand Room day lighten ceiling.jpg

Lobby Nite with f no flowers  wodden statue in back ground table lighter ceilings.jpg

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    • By DCB123
      Hello, my name is Doug, as I am a Chief Arch’l Cad Designer, looking to help other contractors, builders and Chief users with their residential projects, 3D models, plans, walkthroughs, photo realistic renderings in Chief Architect & Lumion softwares.
      I have a well established portfolio of the houses that I’ve done, renders in lumion 
      and other references as well.
      I would love to discuss your next design project with you, and even do a free online meeting, for us to get better aquanted with your Project. My professional rates are reasonable, depending on the size of the project, and the scope of the work, but I normally take payment on PayPal, and block out prepayment, for lesser amounts of time, or discuss, working on larger projects on contract basis. Pls, reach out to me, so, that we can discuss things further?
      Douglas Burgmann
      Chief Architect Designer III
      Accurate Asbuilts & Design
      cell:     (970)987-4476 msg
      FB: dcb1234