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With over 20 years of experience, we have designed homes all over the United States (Map).  Our design philosophy is to get to know our clients by listening to their needs very carefully.  We can then produce a design that fits both their functional needs, as well as their style.  We also work with other design professionals when they need assistance meeting a deadline, are having trouble with a complex design, or just have too much work and not enough time.  We can even assist you with online tutoring sessions to show you how to use Chief Architect to its fullest potential.  Please take the time to view our website at to learn more about our firm.  We can also send you examples of recently completed construction document plans sets upon request.  It is always our goal to EXCEED our client's expectations.  We look forward to an opportunity to exceed yours!!

Brochure 10-20170730.jpg

Brochure 5-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 1-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 2-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 3-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 4-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 8-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 10-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 11-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 14-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 15-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 17-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 19-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 24.jpg

Exterior Rendering 24-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 26-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 27-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 28-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 37-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 38-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 39-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 42-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 44-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 45-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 48-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 49-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 50-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 56-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 61-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 62-20170730.jpg

Exterior Rendering 63-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 1-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 5-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 6-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 7-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 8-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 11-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 13-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 14-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 15-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 19-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 21-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 23-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 24-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 26-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 29-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 30-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 33-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 36-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 40-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 67-20170730.jpg

Interior Rendering 71-20170730.jpg

Front Rendering 2-20170730.jpg

Front Rendering 5-20170730.jpg

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To Whom it may concern,


I operate a business in Flora as a General Contractor and also a steel structure solutions business. One of our products is a set of models I created in Chief Architect for using our steel structures for residential use. We have been receiving a lot of interest. We can provide these structures nationwide with signed and sealed building and foundation engineering but we do focus on the Southeast. We are not Architect and what we need to be able to provide to clients outside out side of Florida are design packages which would be basically a full set of drawings with their edits including electrical lay out basic mechanical layout, dimensions and so form that marries to our shell. They can use this for estimating and building but we do not sign and seal the so called design package except for our Structural Plans. They would need a licensed Architect at that location if that is something they need. 


Do you have such capability? Would you like to see our draft models and discuss? Let me know and my email is below, drop me a note please.

cell 407-443-6741 


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    • By DCB123
      Hello, my name is Doug, as I am a Chief Arch’l Cad Designer, looking to help other contractors, builders and Chief users with their residential projects, 3D models, plans, walkthroughs, photo realistic renderings in Chief Architect & Lumion softwares.
      I have a well established portfolio of the houses that I’ve done, renders in lumion 
      and other references as well.
      I would love to discuss your next design project with you, and even do a free online meeting, for us to get better aquanted with your Project. My professional rates are reasonable, depending on the size of the project, and the scope of the work, but I normally take payment on PayPal, and block out prepayment, for lesser amounts of time, or discuss, working on larger projects on contract basis. Pls, reach out to me, so, that we can discuss things further?
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      Designer's Ink is a full-service building design firm based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma; however, we have worked on projects in 27 different states and 5 different countries.  We have been in business since 1993 and have 5 designers and draftsmen on staff to serve you.  We specialize in creating stunning 3D models of your building project so you can see exactly what the building will look like before you build.  This significantly reduces the costs of change orders during construction.  Many of our clients have told us they saved more in construction costs using our services than they paid for our services due to reduced change orders and value engineering during the design.
      Once your 3D model is completed, we then produce easy to read construction documents.   We take a lot of pride in our construction documents which we customize for each client's specific needs.  Our goal is to produce our construction documents in such a way that the folks on the ground building the project have everything they need, and in a format they can use efficiently.  
      With over half of our clients being from out of state, we have been working remotely with clients for years.  With the current restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, already having a system in place to communicate with our clients remotely is essential.  We have been using our system for years, so we know it works well.  We also offer one-on-one tutoring services for both Chief Architect and Home Designer Pro.  We have been using Chief Architect for 16 years.
      Please take a moment to look at our website at for more information about our company.  If you would like to set up a free, no-obligation initial consultation, contact us to schedule a time that works for you.  We look forward to EXCEEDING your expectations. 
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      Open to new work. I've been working remotely for clients for years and can easily navigate the issues that present themselves from remote work. I have plenty of references and videos demonstrating my various services. The following images are snippets from my site at

      I offer training-while-drafting services in Chief Architect as well as training in Sketchup, Thea Render, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Procreate.
      I tend to cater to experienced designers and drafters in Chief Architect, many of which benefit from and are quite pleased with anno/layer sets, library items, toolbars, and a more cohesive folder structure and .plan and .layout files. 
      A few hours of my service may cut hours off of every project you have going forward.
      Feel free to check out my YouTube channel dedicated to all things drafting, designing, modeling and rendering in my signature below.
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      I Just wanted to introduce myself. I’ve been in the building business for 25 plus years, mainly remodeling, (some new homes). Cabinet maker, finish carpenter, remodeler among other things. (I know how things go together!) Can communicate with Architects, builders & remodelers well. Have been certified in & using Chief since version 6. Have been working remotely all over the country for many years. I work fast & reasonably, usually from a matter of days to 2 weeks turn around time. Please see my work here: Plan examples & references available on request.   Thank You for Considering me, Tom Flachbart from The Project Designers   603 770 6078   Example_Plans.pdf