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My detatched garage is floating?

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help earlier - now I have some weirdness going on that I cannot fathom the solution to, mostly because the software says that it should be working....

I've built a garage that should have a floor 51 3/16" below the main floor subfloor (0) I've set it to that number in the dialog box room specs 'c'. Meanwhile my terrain under is -51 3/16" so unless I am missing something they should marry up, however my garage is floating.... Any ideas what the heck is wrong? Does the terrain settings use relative height? I'm sure it was absolute to the main floor subfloor (maybe that is why in elevation the terrain looks off (should be 20" below the deck on the right)?





float garage.jpgelevation.jpg

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fixed it - appears I forgot to 0 out the subfloor height from terrain - I'd been setting my measures from the subfloor so I was adding an extra 20" - my bad

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