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    First Floor Subfloor level

    Thanks, I'll give it a try, I am keeping the roof peak height, got all the numbers figured out just need it to work with me on updating all the drawings (I fudged a cad section for the framer) lol.
  2. marisco

    First Floor Subfloor level

    I am trying to adjust the first floor subfloor level as my clients choice of joist supplier could not match my spec of an 11 7/8" joist instead using 14" and guess what, they already poured the foundation and I need to submit updated drawings for the changes. When originally drawn, the first floor subfloor was referenced at 0 above terrain int he settings. The terrain is acutally about 20" lower, however, witht he increased joist height, I need to move that reference up by 2 1/8". When changing the value in the terrain box, I get no change in the main floor subfloor height (still shows as 0.51m above reference grade of 0m, instead of 0.56m). Any clues as to how to move this up? I want the foundation to stay put as it is already in and I can't very well tell them to lower the footings by 2 1/8" can I lol. Any help on this would be great - for now I think a cross section for the framer manually editing the reference geodetics may do the trick, but I need to get new plans done by the weekend. see the attached screenshot of my cross section and how the change in joist height messed up my footings instead of moving subfloor. (old plan with 11 7/8 joists on right)
  3. marisco

    My detatched garage is floating?

    fixed it - appears I forgot to 0 out the subfloor height from terrain - I'd been setting my measures from the subfloor so I was adding an extra 20" - my bad
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for your help earlier - now I have some weirdness going on that I cannot fathom the solution to, mostly because the software says that it should be working.... I've built a garage that should have a floor 51 3/16" below the main floor subfloor (0) I've set it to that number in the dialog box room specs 'c'. Meanwhile my terrain under is -51 3/16" so unless I am missing something they should marry up, however my garage is floating.... Any ideas what the heck is wrong? Does the terrain settings use relative height? I'm sure it was absolute to the main floor subfloor (maybe that is why in elevation the terrain looks off (should be 20" below the deck on the right)?
  5. marisco

    Butterfly roof with saddle or cricket

    decide to go with Glennw's route - not that we get that much rainfall/snowfall (320mm/126mm per year) but will also make for easier framing. Great idea, thanks. I know the skylights are not the best idea on that low pitched roof - just asking to fail - client insists they need them in the bathrooms..... colour matching the fascia trim to the windows and soffit to the decks
  6. marisco

    Butterfly roof with saddle or cricket

    I was trying to manually do it - auto-build gave less than desirable results (probably due to the cantilevers. the pitch is 2/12. but yes Solver - what you are showing is what I am trying to accomplish. here is the second floor underneath The biggest issue is that if I split the planes and move to where I think the ridge should meet the shed roofs, my planes are all off - if I use the join tool it places the roof in odd above below areas as well. i was thinking of working out where the exact middle should be and try from there manually, but there has to be an easier way.....
  7. Hi Guys, newish user - using X8 on a project I am doing for a semi detached house. I am having a hard time enforcing my vision of the roof into the project with how chiefs roofs work with my limited knowledge. What I am attempting to do is to make a butterfly roof with the shed slopes front and back and a saddle running between them to shed water. When I get the saddle/cricket in place and try to join it to the other planes, the roof goes all wonky (or I need to extend the eaves to almost 4'-0"! Any tips on how I can get this to work? alternatively I could try a troughed butterfly - just not sure how to add a gutter between the shed roofs.... Any help is much appreciated. I'm really starting to like Chief, but these few things just irk me....