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Are you needing a full virtual tour of a home in one web based location?  Or how about the requirement to showcase to a client different ideas for a project?  Perhaps a 360 virtual tour will help.  I can take your 360 photos created from Chief Architect and insert them into a single interactive tour where your client can seamlessly flow through a home or any space at their leisure using any web browser on any platform (older smaller Android devices excepted).


Here's 4 different kitchen layouts within a single space:




See a home tour here:




I can place your logo, music, and a even video into the scene.


I will provide two basic options.  Basic Tour and Basic Plus.  Customisation is readily available for your specific needs.


Basic Tour:

I will deliver the product within 48 hrs of receipt of panorama pictures.

Left tool bar will have all rooms to view.


Basic Plus

I will deliver the product within 96 hrs of receipt of panorama pictures.

Left tool bar will have all rooms to view.

A overview map to be included.

Links provided to "move" through the space from room to room.



Basic $20 plus $7.00 per render photo.

Basic Plus: $20 plus $12.00 per render photo.


Tour will be held on the server at Inteck3d Inc. and will be available for 12 months from the time of upload.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to inquire.


Ivan Cyr

Inteck3d Inc.


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 looking for someone to take the general layout 24x48 structure and put in the walls and roof line from my drawings to chief.  most doors and windows also.  just a quickie version so I can play with it.  2-4 hours.  More to follow once we have some zoning approval if lot is buildable. Robert,

let me know, thx 

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Hi Robert,


I might have to take a pass on this.  I won't be able to get to this for at least a week.  If you are still "stuck", drop me a line and I can look at it again for you.  All the best.



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