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Room Label Box Offset

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Hello All,


My room label text is offset from the room label box. This is driving my nuts, as I often move the room labels around and with the offset, I never know where I need to grab or I end up grabbing the wrong room label. 


Example image attached.



Room Label Box Offset.JPG

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    • By capitaldesigns
      Below the room labels Chief has a string of text showing the room size.
      Is there a way to have Chief show the rooms ceiling height instead of the rooms dimensions ?
    • By LeeDrafter
      Hi All,
      I am working on townhomes that are exactly the same on both sides. I need the room dimension labels to be the same on my "advertising" plans or people will get confused and wonder why they are different. The actual dimensions are exactly the same, but I don't want to show people all the dimension lines for advertising. As you can see in the attached, both living rooms are actually 13' 10-1/2" X 16' 9-1/2". The room labels are rounding to 16'8" on one side and 16'-9" on the other side. I don't care if it rounds up or down, but I do need it to be the same on both sides. Does anybody know how to fix this? I am working in X5.

      LOTS 112&113 BIGFORK
    • By flaterud
      Its so difficult to find. I want to add room labels so that I can see total wall area, perimeter, and floor area of each room.
      searching in help gives 0 hits on the word "label".
      How do I add this? I have tried tools-layer settings-display options.. Nothing happens with my drawing!!
      would love to fix this today. see attachment

    • By capitaldesigns
      I'm new to Chief. I'm using X-8,
      When you identify a room  in your plan, Chief automatically places a room label with the name and room size.
      Is there a way to change the text size of each the room name and the room dimensions? I would like to make to
      room dimension text smaller than the room label text.
      Also is there a way to show the ceiling height under the room name instead of the room size?
    • By country
      I am trying to get a design out for a bank appraisal. They would like the room sizes on the labels but it is impossible to get them correct??? An Ensuite that is 14'-8" x 9'-0" is shown as 5'-7" deep because it has a shower and wall beside the toilet.
      Do I have to all of these type of situations manually? I know there are some macros that may possibly work but I sure don't have time to find and learn them in time to get this drawing out by the afternoon. If it the manual route, please let me know and I will do it.
      To get a correct area for each floor I am going to draw a polygon of the exterior walls in Vectorworks. Why oh why can we not draw a polygon around the main exterior walls and have it show the perimeter and area? If we can, please correct me, call me whatever name you want and I will get this out the door.
      PS. Sorry for the rant but problems on Saturday morning bring out the worst in me;-(
      I'd rather be riding or fishing but here I sit........