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Auto-Generated Room Base Moldings

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Working on a recent basement remodel project I have come to notice something kind of peculiar.  Whenever you have a pony wall and then a furred wall on the inside of that, the default auto-generated room base molding follows the edge of the pony wall instead of the furred wall.  When the outer wall is a single wall as opposed to a pony wall, the the default auto-generated room base molding follows the edge of the furred wall.  Notice whether you have a half height furred wall or full height furred wall has no affect on the room molding.  The pony wall / furred wall combination causes the quirk.  See the pictures below...


Chief Architect X9 - Room Base Moldings 01.jpg

Basement Walls


Chief Architect X9 - Room Base Moldings 02.jpg

Basement Walls with a Furred Wall


Chief Architect X9 - Room Base Moldings 03.jpg

Basement Walls with a Basement Pony Wall & Half Furred Wall


Chief Architect X9 - Room Base Moldings 04.jpg

Basement Walls with a Half Furred Wall


Chief Architect X9 - Room Base Moldings 05.jpg

Basement Walls with a Furred Wall

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I just ran in to this problem as well. I called in and support told me to shoot a cross section/elevation, then use a 3d moulding polyline, draw above where you want it apply the moulding you want then drop it in place. It worked for me, good luck!

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