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Are you struggling with your plans or do you need help with training?

  • I can help you with all your construction needs.
  • Online Training (small or big jobs).
  • I have construction back ground over 25 years.
  • I have field experience in construction.
  • New Construction, Remodels, Additions
  • Master with roof designs.
  • Help you layout your plans.
  • I can design plans from the ground up.
  • References available upon request.
  • Will beat quotes.

If you’re struggling on how to use Chief Architect or if you need help with your plans I am here to assist you.  

Please email me at or call 248-891-3955 for a quote.  If you have a budget I will work with you. 


Note: Working with X9 & X10



Annette Sokoll

Senior Designer

User Group Instructor

Atlanta, Michigan


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I need someone to transfer drawings from the architect of my house into Home Designer Pro.  I can then play around with them. I'm not bad at using the software, but I don't have the time and there are some of areas of the design i don't know how to create. Are you able to take this on - and at what cost?

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I would love the opportunity to discuss my need of your help.  Could you possibly contact me ASAP?

I am trying to meet a deadline by tomorrow later afternoon.  My name is Dan C.

You may reach me at 714.272.3336

I hope you are able to contact me Very Soon.

My apologies for my urgent needs!


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Chief Architect drafting help


Hi Annette,


I do major remodels of single family residences in the San Francisco Bay Area.  5 years into this phas of my career.  Currently working on a complicated project that has 4 stories that step up a hill.  My projects are in the $2 - $4 millions range, and I’m currently working on two.


I am now doing my own architecture, having learned enough of CA Premier, X9 to be dangerous.  The challenge is that I’m new enough at this that somewhat regularly I hit drawing issues  that are not that complicated, but I just haven’t yet learned how to do them.  


So, I’m looking of coaching / help / take over part of the drafting to keep this project moving forward.


I can share files remotely.  Your location is not that important.  I’m looking or someone who is competent, and fun to work with.


Current projects need a few critical and currently, urgent inputs.  But in the future, it could be pretty steady drafting work to flesh out what I LIKE to do, but can’t, because I have to acquire design and keep my crews busy.


Basically, I have regular opportunities, by my architectural drafting skills are a key bottleneck.  My builder, engineer and I know the local codes.  But the planning and building departments here a extremely persnickety, and they want close to perfect plans, which I simply can’t produce.


I LOVE what I’m doing, and am successful at it.  But I’ve can’t do it all.


Is there a possibility to work together?  Please contact me at, or on my cell at 415-601-8891.


My most active current project is at:


I look forward to hearing from you.




Joe Preis

CEO, Longitude Properties, Inc.

415-601-8891 cell 

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