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Add floor to part of house

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I am trying to add a two story addition to the back of a one story house with a full dormer across the back. The existing house in CA has a single story with a full dormer across the back of the house (see below). I'm trying to do something similar to the cape addition photo below.  I will remove the deck and add a 15' x 32' two story addition lining up with the dormer (i.e. extending from the deck corner of the house to the end of he main roof line up to the smaller room jut out.   I added the first floor per below. I highlight the addition and when I add the second floor it adds it to the entire house blowing it up per below.  I went in and deleted all the second floor walls in the main part of the house (see below 2nd floor removed) and the result was:an attic floating in mid air per below (2nd floor).  I read a thread about just adding he wall I want to the second floor but I have to have a second floor created before I add walls and I don't have a second floor.  thanks in advance for any advise you can give.  


First floor.JPG

2nd floor.JPG

2nd floor removed.JPG

Cape addition.JPG

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In the cape photo below the addition is coming off the ridge line of the main roof of the house whereas I'm trying to get at least one option where my addition comes off the dormer roof per below  (For the life of me I'm not sure how I created the one below.  It does have two floors in the addition as well as in the main part of the house.  I tried to reduplicate it with no success.

addition perp.JPG

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Whoops - in the cape photo in the first content of the stream not in the reply.

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If the existing model has a dormer, then I imagine it also has a second floor already built -- or it should.


If so, you don't need to build any new floors, just add walls as needed.

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Thanks for responding.  In the previous model I put the dormer in the 12 pitch roof over the first floor.   It turns out that I was on the right track but didn't keep going.  When I had asked the question I had added the second floor which bumped the dormers and everything up a floor.  When I deleted the second floor walls over the original part of the house that left my roof and dormers suspended in space 2 floor up rather than sitting on the house one floor up.  It hit me that if I kept going and deleted the roof and the dormers that were suspended in place and then manually recreated the roof and dormers of the original house on the first floor it might work.  I have a ways to go but at least I got past this hurdle as you can see below. 


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