Post Production Dusk Mood Shot Before and After


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    • By creatrix
      I am watching videos and can't figure out how to get rid of the graduated black bar at the bottom on my iMac? It obscures the commands at the bottom and so my process is even slower than usual!

    • By Kbird1
      Paint.Net is a free Image Editor......if you download it direct...... instead of from Windows Store.
      Currently version 4.3.7 Jan. 2022
      download it here

    • By aeast25
      Hello! I am a high school student who has recently begun using Chief Architect Premier X12 through my school and the limited offer for the student edition. Keep in mind, I have very little architectural experience. My teacher has been having my class follow the Chic Cottage tutorial which is available on the Chief Architect website in the training videos section. The URL for the playlist is here:
      The most recent video that we have reached is Part 10, and the objective of it is to create a "story and a half" roof on the house. This is done by deleting and recreating the second floor and stretching it over where the house's porch is. The roof is then created using the Auto Roof tool, with the Ignore Top Floor option selected. The issue that some of my classmates and I have run into occurs after the roof planes are created. There are no roof planes over the extension created in the second floor over the porch. 
      This is what it looks like:

      And this is what it should look like:

      There are a couple of solutions that I have tried, but nothing has worked so far. The first thing that I tried was to make sure that the entire second floor, which is empty at this point in the tutorial, is one room. It was, and the room options did have Roof Over This Room and Flat Ceiling Over This Room checked.
      I also used the Reference Display and Align With Wall Below to make sure that the walls of the second floor were aligned with the railings used for the porch.
      The tutorial has the porch created with railings, and it changes the railings in their options so that there is only a beam which is supported by pillars, which are inserted separately. When I looked through the roof options for the railing, I didn't see anything that could prevent it from supporting a roof above it (though it is possible that I may have overlooked something here).
      I haven't been able to come up with any more potential causes for this problem, other than it being an issue with the way that the house was initially built, or an issue with my version of the software. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. The file I have been working on is attached below, if need be. Thanks!
      chiccottage v10 ae.plan
    • By DavidJPotter
      "File - Back Up Entire Plan" command: