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Can anyone help?  I started drawing a new floor plan.  I have it almost done and then noticed I have been drawing on level 0 instead of level 1.  So now it thinks I am drawing a foundation.   I do not know how to move what I have drawn to be on level 1 where is should be.  I have tried using build, floor, exchange with floor above but it will not allow the move saying I can not move a foundation or attic to a different level.

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    • By AgChief
      On previous versions of this remodel, I've been able to drop the floor of the existing "Sunken Family Room" 5-1/2" and the other floors would remain at the proper "0" level. The clients have massively changed the plan, including moving the garage toward the front of the house, requiring that it be dropped 24" due to site conditions. After finally getting the garage to remain at 24" and stepping the rear porch appropriately down to the garage floor, I can't lower the Sunken Family Room floor down 5-1/2" without all the other rooms also dropping 5-1/2". I guess somewhere in the process I've set a default setting that I'm unaware of, maybe? I'm at a loss.
    • By dslocicero
      I am newish to CA. I have been using it for about 18 months and still learn new things with each new project. Current project is on a steeply sloped site. The house has a daylight basement (enter at upper level, exit at lower level).
      In reading the help info, it appear I started working out of sequence: I drew up the existing house plans before modeling the terrain. Now I can't figure out how to get the house to sit in the terrain correctly. The terrain is correct and the house is correct, but the house is not sitting in the terrain.
      When trying to exchange with the floor below, I get a pop up message that says I can't do that with a foundation or attic. I tried adding a floor below and exchanging with that, but got the same pop up message. I tried changing the structural elevation information, but it seems like I have to do that one room at a time and once I've got one room done, it won't let me change the data for the other rooms on the same level.
      Is there a way to sit the house into the terrain without having to redraw the terrain and both floors of the house?
      David Locicero