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    • By FullerHomeDesign
      Hi everyone! I am new to Chief and a student of Environmental Design. I just downloaded the student version a few weeks ago and have only had little time to familiarize myself with it. I downloaded a bunch of catalogs basically almost every single one is downloaded. This summer I am taking Kitchen & Bath Design. We are 5 weeks into the semester and so far I had hand rendered everything. But, everyone else in my class is using chief. Their plans, 3D's and elevations look so good. That is something that even if you are the best at hand rendering a 3D plan just looks more real in chief. So, I started really messing with it last week. I want to at least be able to present one of my rooms on Chief. So far I have half way finished my first floor plan. I have the walls finished and was adding my fixtures. I have the toilet and tub. But, my issue is I was looking for a vanity that was at least close to the one I have picked out for my design. I cant find one. There doesn't seem to be many options on vanities. But maybe I'm just not looking in the right place. My main question though is can we upload a picture or the vanity or add it into the catalog somehow so I will have the exact vanity I have used in all my hand rendered drawings? I just do not know what to do at this point and help would be appreciated! I am basically teaching myself how to do all this. 
    • By BruceBoardman
      I'm in the Detroit area and looking for someone to take some architectural prints to CA to I can start doing interiors for our client. Don't have enough time to do it myself. Ideally, would like to see them completely by the 24th of June. Please feel free to PM me. 
    • By wjmdes
      I do a bunch of restaurants and I am doing my first in Chief.  The setup is killing me but the drawings are surely starting to look good and no more 7 page changes to move a few things.
      Most items including menu boards and desks, computer, etc are furniture, but I need them to be fixtures so they will show in the fixture schedule.  Before I recreate all these symbols and make them a fixture, is there a setting I am missing that will just change a symbol to a different category?
    • By D11-Design
      I frequently download .skp files from 3D Warehouse and they work fine. They have multiple materials which can be adjusted separately (colour, texture, etc.).
      However, most 3D models that I download from manufacturers' website have only 1 material in Chief, e.g. a sofa with a pillow on it, the pillow's material cannot be adjusted independently.
      The issue occurs with almost anything that is not .skp: 3DS, DWG, etc. However, when these models are opened in their native environment (3DS in 3D Studio), they have of course different materials.
      The strange thing is that sometimes 3DS and DWG formats work fine and they have different materials, which makes me think it must be some kind of a settings issue within these 3D files.
      Has anyone found out the issue behind this?
      Attached the .obj and .3DS formats of the same model downloaded from the manufacturer's website. The .obj format has 1 material, the 3DS format has 2 materials (strange as usually 3DS doesn't work).
    • By HeatherL
      Hey guys, this is the first time I have posted one of these. So I am using Home designer Pro 2018. I have been having issues getting furniture to sit on top of rugs. I tried to do the whole send to front and send to back but that does absolutely nothing. Basically, when I try to put anything on top of a rug, it just pushes the rug out without putting my selected object on top of it. It does it with toilets and toilet rugs, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, essentially things that would generally go on top of the rugs.