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Chief files and plans help - Offered

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Hello all,


Haven't done this in a while, but, I am offering to help those with Chief files needing "Clean up" and or those with Chief files wanting construction documents for submitting to the AHJ.


Been using CA since version 9, currently using version 18.

Pricing is basic for "Clean ups" $25.00 per hour or on a per case basis.

(I have learned that some have come up with a pre conceived amount they want to spend, and that is just fine too).

            Provided you have started your project and are stuck with your plan file and need assistance.

Pricing for ConDocs will be based per S.F. and on Jurisdiction.

Pricing for ConDocs for California, please visit and browse for pricing there.


While I am not claiming I am "the expert" on the matter, I can certainly figure out most issues related to drawing in CA. I am sure there are many here that can help in the forums as well.


For those wondering why I posted a "Help Wanted" ad, that is because one of the offices I work for needs help with their current work load.

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Most here can do that too, CA has a CAD to Walls tool that can convert lines to walls.

The catch is in the lines. If the wall lines are not in the same layer, the same for doors and windows, then they will have to be edited manually prior to the conversion.

Depending on the size of your project(s) it could be time consuming. (If it was made in an early version of AutoCAD, then the new work will be converted to the current version of AutoCAD we use).

Note tha CA will convert to walls the wall lines for walls only, that does not mean that the rest of the work done on your files will be converted to CA. Lines will be lines for other objects on the plans.

Elevations, sections, roofs, objects, etc. will still be lines and that will be work needed to complete the conversion of the files (project).

Please leave a PM with your phone number to contact you.

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