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  1. LOVdandd

    Stacking stairs

    Sorry for Delay. Thank you Kbird1 and ACADuser, very good work! After working with it, I was able to get it done by (thank you!) locking the stair top or bottom sections. Kbird1, yes I need to reconsider my run heights. The landings work but the runs do not! ACADuser, once again nice work. I thought Chief only allowed for a 4 story Bld'g? Thanks
  2. LOVdandd

    Stacking stairs

    I am using X7 and I have an stair issue. I have an existing building in which my between floor height is 16'. The stair well will require that I have 3 landings between floors. I have attempted to draw several 'U' shaped stair sections on top of each other and to my dismay, I cannot. Can any one offer a solution? Thank you in advance, NR
  3. LOVdandd

    Dissapearing deck

    Maybe this has already been addressed but, can someone explain why my deck structure keeps disappearing. I have attached picture to explain. I can draw a stand alone deck and it looks great. The minute I attach it to a building, it drops my the decks. Labels, area, railings all there but no structure. What am I doing wrong, or is there a setting I need to change? Thank you in advance, Nestor