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  1. As a builder , designer , contractor , woodworker , I would say chief wins !!! Unfortunately it is all about the marketing end !!! The only real advantage I see to 20/20 is how 20/20 can do there take off & set the order , however putting in a little extra time , the material list can be exported to accomplish the same . 



  2.      Please help , When I click on a wall elevation marker in plan view & that view comes up fine ! When I send that  view to the layout page the view is almost unreadable :wub: I have tried numerous ways in all different sets , camera view , all on set , kitchen & bath & can not figure out where this setting can be :wub: I manage to send one view to the layout page that was fine , just dont remember how I did it !! I am using x 10 THANK YOU & MERRY CHRISTMAS

  3. When I use the elevation camera for cabinets is there a way to change the grey line to a red line so I can see where I want the cabinet to snap to ? The grey line is hard to see with the black lines on the cabinets . If there is a way which default setting would i go to I am using x 10

  4. First of all the program that you choose should be based on a couple issues ,  1 : Cost is a big thing , all the versions have different costs related to each program .  2 ; Do you intend to use it many more times ? or just for one project ? Home pro is a excellent program for average people ! Chief  Premier  &  Chief interiors are  very professional & advanced with multiple functions . Being computer savy is a very important issue with most of the advanced programs . Try the  Home  pro  version  as a free download & see what YOU THINK 

  5. I want to use the end to end dimension tool to dimension the interior wall side . I can not find the setting to do this :( when i drag the end to end tool it always goes to the outside of the wall& I have to grab the handle to get the dimension to do it on the interior side :( is there a setting somewhere to change this ??


  6. I called up a diffrent sheet size in a layout when setting up some defaults &  instead of going to the plan window i had a senior moment & just started plotting stuff in the layout file .If it was in a plan file i wouldnt have this issue :(   I can redo the drawing but it would be easier having page 1 & 2  in   x10   Worst part is i dont use chief everyday


              How are you doing eric i hope you & yours are okay in this crazy world  !! 



  7. <_<  I stared a drawing & made a big mistake !! I started drawing it on page zero . All the info on page zero i do not want on page  one , is there anyway I can fix this :( This was a sub division plan  i had all the lots , roads ,  tax map #s  , owner name , and address #s on page zero . I want to have another page / page 1  without the lots , tax map , and address # s & just the roads . Any help is appreciated I am using x10     UNFORTUNATLY   I DID THIS IN A LAYOUT , I OPENED A LAYOUT & STARTED USING BOXES , It says i can not open another layout