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  1. Yeah, I tried that. It just formed perpendicular walls and added a funky roof plane.
  2. You guys rock. Thanks a million. Both solutions worked great.
  3. I've been trying to fix the issue with my walls to no avail. I've got a meeting with this client in 6 hours. Render the model in 3D and you'll see the problem with the balloon walls along the main portion of the house along the courtyard. FYI, this is my client's concept. I'm still working on the window schedule, exterior trim, etc., but I need to get this issue fixed first. I've attached a stripped down version of the plan. Your help is always appreciated. main-revision2-copy2.plan
  4. jrussell

    Missing Exterior Wall In 3Ds Export

    Thanks, Ivan. I still having trouble. It's only one wall that doesn't show up. I'll keep hammering at it.
  5. jrussell

    Should I Post My Client's Ca Design?

    Thanks, Graham. I'm not worried about members passing judgment on me at all. I've been doing design for a lot of years (I've got that drawer full, too!). I'm new to CA so I'm just learning the ropes. There are some really smart people here, and I'm glad for their help.
  6. jrussell

    Should I Post My Client's Ca Design?

    That's a really good point that I hadn't thought of, thank you. I read your post yesterday; glad you got the roof issue fixed.
  7. jrussell

    Should I Post My Client's Ca Design?

    Thank you for your intelligent, helpful, and well-thought advice.
  8. I've been helped a lot by the members of this forum, both directly and indirectly. For that, I genuinely thank you. I've seen members ask other members to upload their CA file to see if they can help. I honestly believe that is what they are doing because I've seen the results. But I'm new here, and I feel a little uncomfortable posting my client's home designs; 'm not sure if I'm violating their confidentiality or not. I'm obviously not trying to impugn anyone's character; I just need some input.
  9. jrussell

    Missing Exterior Wall In 3Ds Export

    Thanks for your reply, I'll give the DAE export a try.
  10. jrussell

    Shopping Around For New System

    I'm also using a 2 Gb Quadro card with great success. I have no trouble simultaneously running CA and Sketchup Pro 2015.
  11. Hi all. I'm exporting a client's model as a 3DS file to import into SketchUp Pro 2015 so I can render it with Vray. I like Chief's rendering options, I'm just exploring some different client interface vectors. Here's a screenshot of the 3DS model after I opened it in Sketchup: lot-10-test.bmp Any idea as to the cause of the missing wall? Thanks. (Also, how do I add an image/thumbnail straight into my post without having to attach it for a download?)
  12. jrussell

    Attic Walls Invisible In 3D

    Solved with a simple solution. Thank you.
  13. jrussell

    Attic Walls Invisible In 3D

    I'm a full-time designer for a very busy General Contractor. I just made the switch to Chief Architect. I've been working with Chief X7 full-time for roughly a month, and I am already using it to produce Construction Documents. (I've been modeling in 3D with Sketchup Pro.) My problem is this: when I view interiors with a 3D camera, any wall that has been automatically generated as an attic wall (e.g. for shed roofs and vaulted gables) doesn't show up. The walls show in any exterior view, and here's the kicker: the interior walls display correctly when I record a walkthrough! It happens in every plan, but here's the latest culprit: I've followed the steps here with no success: http://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/article/KB-00378/restoring-the-display-of-walls-in-3d.html I'm frustrated that I can't show clients interior views due to blue sky and clouds showing up in their living room. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Chief Architect X7 Sketchup Pro 2015 Windows 7 Pro 64-bit Lenovo W541 workstation Intel i7-4710MQ CPU Quadro K110M GPU 8 GB RAM