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  1. I did notice my LB problem (opening in the upper right corner very small and mostly off the screen) only happens when I open my layout drawing first and then launch the plan from within that layout. But if I open the plan first, my LB opens where I left it, un-docked. Anyone else with this problem, are you opening your plans from inside your layout? I did open a ticket and let Kirk know this.
  2. I think I got it. The problem is with floating LBs. I dont prefer to dock it. After closing the floating library browser thats in the center of my screen, close Chief, and re-launch Chief (which would be every morning at least) then start Chief and launch the library browser, it's back up in the left corner half way off the screen again. Then I tried docking it and doing the above and it stays in its docked position. I do have my general prefs set to always save dialog size and position, but I think thats only meant for the current session. This sounds like a bug to me.
  3. Has anybody found a remedy for this yet? It just started happening to me this week. I'm on X6 w/ the latest version, and only have the one monitor running. I did go to Edit, Preferences, Reset Options, and Reset Side Windows as I read somewhere else. I close and reopen Chief and the library is in its side default location. I pop it out to the center of my screen where abouts I want it. Save, close and reopen it. Launch the library browser and there it is again, way up in the uper left corner, partly off of my screen again. It behaves until I close Chief and reopen it again. Annoying.