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  1. excelnow

    tileable white shell stucco images

    Sorry this took so long. I think I finally got it figured out. I searched on line for some images and even used photoshop to clean it up. I finally got something that looks like the picture. Please see attachment for what it look like.
  2. How do I shrink a chief architect exported 3ds file so that it is small enough to be uploaded under sketchfabs 57 MB Limit? You have to be in a 3d view to export to 3DS. Then you are supposed to zip the folder & upload it to sketchfab. but I am at
  3. Anyone know where I can get tileable shite shell stucco images for Chief? I have attached a photo of what it looks like.
  4. excelnow

    tileable white shell stucco images

    Got it. Sorry.
  5. Help! This particular client want his CMU walls to be covered in a material called White Shell Stucco. It is crushed shell mixed with stucco & applied to CMU block. Anybody know where I can get "tileable white shell stucco material images from? I have attached a photo that the client sent me, of what it looks like.
  6. excelnow

    Walkthrough Layers not showing up

    Hah! It works! It works! Thanks Chopsaw!
  7. I am initiating a walkthrough and all my Landscaping layers are not showing up. All the Layers are on in the plan view that I initiate it from but they are off in the walkthrough. What am I missing & how do I fix this?
  8. excelnow

    Client wants Sailboat Design in Railing

    Yes, I have found just about everything that I needed in 3d trees in sketchup 3d warehouse. Although at first I was frustrated I could not find anything until I realized I was searching in the furniture section. Once I changed it to all I celebrated. Also, I attempted the Sailboat railing and figured out how to do it. I would like to say thank you for everyone that jumped in to help steer me in the right direction. Especially "Chiefuserthomasw".
  9. excelnow

    Client wants Sailboat Design in Railing

    Absolutely, Royal Palm double alexander palms cabada palms dwarf olive tree 15g traveler palms 25g traveler palms 10g imperialis 7g black ruffles full sun Alocasia
  10. excelnow

    Client wants Sailboat Design in Railing

    Uh, I haven't but God bless you for doing this! Thank you both. I am going to use this now. I will let you know how this turns out. How long have you been using Chief?,.. if you don't mind me asking. Would you happen to know where I can purchase trees from, aside from Chiefs 3D Library? Thanks in advance.
  11. excelnow

    Client wants Sailboat Design in Railing

    I have tried your suggestion but when I try to take the hole out of the middle, it also removes the boat. I even tried to remove the boat before creating the hole. Something small if preventing this from working. Thanks for you attention though.
  12. My client wants this custom design in the railing & I have no idea how to accomplish this. I have searched The CA website & sketchup for this to no avail. Help!
  13. excelnow

    Show Daylight Plane on an angled Lot

    If I make a symbol of the entire model to rotate it, I lose the ability to make a set of construction documents, and all of my heights will become wrong. Also, that seems like a lot of motion to go through just to get 1 entity to appear right in a plot/print. This is kind of like locking my arm in place then moving my chair in different directions to write my signature. Isnt there something else I can use that when rotated down 45 degrees wont cut through the walls. As powerful as this program is there is got to be another way of accomplishing this.
  14. I managed to get this far using Tall but narrow 3D boxes. My problem comes when the Plane I am trying to show is on an off angle. When I try to rotate the Red wall (3D box) on the right 45 degrees down, it lifts one leg or the other up or down and it dose not matter which axis I choose. How do I resolve this? I have to show this to the building department as they do not believe what we are showing them in 2D. Any help would be greatly appreciated.