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  1. Chopsaw, that’s exactly where I posted.
  2. I used to be able to edit the name, but no more. All my recent plans (since the upgrade) are all MyPlan with a number. This is getting really confusing to say the least lol.
  3. Got it, will go try that now. Thanks!
  4. This is for Room Planner.
  5. I know there is a way to refocus the plan, or recenter it but can’t find it in the search. Somehow I got so far out of plan I can’t find it, I just get the grid. I thought you just double tapped the screen but that isn’t working.
  6. Just add a room between the buildings and then go back and make the walls invisible.
  7. I get the same thing. I have to try multiple times to change the color of an item. I mean, over and over and over...
  8. Got it all updated, thanks. Not sure why I couldn’t find the search in the library. I was probably looking for it to show like in the old version. Is there a secret to editing the colors of things in the library? It used to be pretty straightforward, you’d change the color wheel and then double click on the object and voila. Now I have to scroll and click many times to change a color.
  9. Thanks, will do. I’m hoping y’all also added the search feature back to the library as well.
  10. Thanks StevenK. While you’re at it, I’m still anxiously awaiting a kitchen base cabinet with drawers only!
  11. I just updated to the new version. I don’t see any way to search my saved plans. I have 100+ plans and don’t want to have to constantly scroll through the entire list. It used to bring up a search box. Annette
  12. I have a rail with hooks on the wall of one of my designs. I decided I'd like to put another like it in another design but can't find it anywhere! I've searched hooks, rail, bar. Does anyone know where this came from?
  13. Got it. I've saved my most relevant plans so hope I'm good. Annette