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  1. Thank you.....created one on my was pretty easy
  2. Can anyone help with a easy method of creating side lites and transoms or entryways. I know some are provided in the library but I am looking foe a larger selection or variety?
  3. THANKS ALL...I started the detail over and that seemed to work...frustrating
  4. Thought I saved it but maybe not...will try it now....I'm accessing it from plan file
  5. I can't seem to figure out why I can't change my 1/4" annotation set to 1/2" in my CAD detail? I keep getting set back to 1/4" annotations even after I set to 1/2". I read ref manual, watched tutorials etc...but I can't seem to understand this? any suggestions?
  6. Thank you all...had molding object out in space...attic layer
  7. I have been trying to find an object out in space and unable to......any tips...I tried turning on all the layers and nothing pops up....I think it all started when I was experimenting with primitive solids????
  8. Thanks....I zoomed out and it appears I my rotation point has somehow changed, the model rotates around some unknown point? is there a way to change how the mouse controls the rotation??
  9. Came into work this morning and somehow my mouse wont orbit my model. Directional side to side and up and down X6
  10. Big user this year, switched from AutoCAD and little things like that drive me crazy...I think I spent 1.5 hours trying to find a solution before I went to CT. I love this forum for this. Thanks again
  11. Thanks.......did not think of that and it will work perfectly.....Thanks for the help!!
  12. trying to rotate a 24"X24" fixed glazing window in gable so it looks like a diamond. I have tried everything I know and just can't accept this is not possible?? thanks for the reply
  13. Does anyone know how to rotate a window? X6
  14. I am sending images to layout but they are always black and white or grayscale. I have toggled color on and image still black and white.....what am I missing?? X6